Do you need to convert your frizzy, unmanageable hair into glossy, direct hair? Earlier than you do, it is crucial to be privy to the positives and negatives of breaking your herbal hair bonds.


In this newsletter, we talk about what precisely happens to your hair at some point of rebounding and how to take care of rebonded hair through the usage of herbal, Ayurvedic strategies. Study directly to study extra.

What's Hair Rebonding?

Hair Rebonding is a popular chemical remedy for straightening or smoothening your hair semi-permanently.

Hair rebonding tames down frizzy, wavy curls into glossy, glossy, and straight hair strands. It helps rework your hair right into a specific style or form by using chemical compounds to break the natural bonds to your hair shafts and rearranging them to form new bonds.

Rebonding breaks the natural cellular structure of your hair to restructure it. 

Is Rebonding Right For hair?

Hair rebonding can damage your hair. The chemical compounds and warmth implemented throughout the technique can take a toll on your hair and negatively impact hair increase.

A hair fiber includes three critical additives: the cuticle, the cortex, and the medulla within cosmetology, the beauty of your hair depend on the situation of the merchandise, and remedies initially goal the cuticle to alternate your hair's look and texture. 

Your hair shape relies upon your Hair follicle's form, which cannot change through rebounding. Hence, your hair returns to its unique form some months after rebonding.

Does Hair Rebonding purpose Hair Loss?

Hair rebonding causes hair loss and hair breakage. That is because it breaks down the herbal cellular bonding of keratin molecules and rebuilds them into immediate bundles. The resistive layer of your scalp is broken, and the hair follicles lose their uncooked electricity of replenishment.

Advantages Of Hair Rebonding

The most appealing advantage of hair rebonding is which you are usually ready with straight and manageable hair. It additionally offers longer-lasting effects, which spare you the hassles of regular styling. Your hair also appears a good deal smoother and shinier.

What is the process Of Hair Rebonding?

Step 1: Your hairstylist will wash your hair the usage of moderate shampoo and blow-dry it.

Step 2: Your Hair will then be brushed to eliminate any tangles and split into numerous sections, depending on your hair's volume.

Step 3: while ensuring your hair is kept instantly. A relaxer is implemented to all of the sections of your hair with the use of plastic boards.

Step 4: For relaxed wavy hair, the cream is left for about 30 minutes. For dry, frizzy, and extraordinarily curly hair, it's miles left on for longer.

Step 5: depending on your hair's condition and texture, your stylist will steam your hair for about 30-forty minutes.

Step 6: Your Hair is rinsed and blow-dried.

Step 7: A keratin lotion is implemented for your hair, and then your hair is divided into sections again.

Step 8: A neutralizer is carried out to all the sections of your hair, which stabilizes the newly based bonds.

Step 9: it is left on for another 30 minutes, after which rinsed off.

Step 10: After blow-drying your hair, you might implement a serum to restore nourishment on your hair fibers and is straightened using a flat iron.